From a remote thicket of Stone County, Arkansas, to national festival stages, The Cleverlys have returned! Now the band has teamed up with Mountain Home Music Company to bring their first single in over two years, “Baby.”

Well-known for a fun fusion of contemporary pop and traditional Bluegrass, The Cleverlys do not disappoint with their rendition of a tune made popular by one of the purveyors of classic American music, Justin Bieber.

Lead singer and guitar virtuoso Digger Cleverly, the bands patriarch says, “Large amount of anticipation on Cleverly Mountain amidst the release of ‘Baby,’ our first single with Mountain Home Music Company. We haven’t had this much excitement up here since Cub became the first recipient of a pig bicuspid transplant. You can’t even tell he has a pig tooth until he sings in his falsetto.”

Digger is joined by his immediate family and bandmates, a distilled group of rode-hard musicians known as Sock Cleverly, fiddle and vocals; Cub Cleverly, mandolin and vocals; DVD Cleverly, banjo and vocals; and Ricky Lloyd Cleverly, bass and vocals.
With additional songs to follow throughout the summer and fall, Digger goes onto say, “We are proud of this first single. It’s as grass as Axonopus and as American as the original artist, Justin Bieber. It showcases the groups personality and our love for Bluegrass music. The group is hitting on all 9 cylinders and we are pumped about our best collection of tunes yet. Hope you enjoy! There is more to come.”

Listen to “Baby” HERE and follow The Cleverlys on Spotify or wherever you stream.

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