After a busy season of touring, the fun-loving Cleverlys have released two new videos from their performance at Puckett’s outside Nashville, TN.

Each shows a different side of the group: one of the parody comedy they are so well known for, and a slightly more serious performance that showcases their undeniable vocal talent and sincere love of classic Bluegrass.

“Milkshake” made popular by Kelis in 2003, is a well known R&B song made over by Digger, DVD, Ricky Lloyd, Sock and Cub Cleverly in a defiantly rural yet ultimately simpatico fashion. Like many of their Pop to Bluegrass cover treatments, “Milkshake” harkens to the familiar original with a special hilarious flare that is all Cleverly.

Lead singer and frontman Digger adds, “’Milkshake’ is a true testament to the craft of songwriting, plus anytime you can nourish someone’s thirst, whether it be with a hot, cool or even frozen beverage, it’s what the Lord would want.”

The classic Seldom Scene ballad “Wait A Minute” has been recorded by several groups through the years. Its sincerity and lonesome subject matter has made it a standard Bluegrass anthem of life on the road as a musician. Instead of a parody version, The Cleverlys offer a sincere approach to the song highlighting Digger’s powerful vocals and the precise “family” harmony of the group.

“Seldom Scene is one of our all time favorite bands. The honesty of their vocals is unmatched. ‘Wait A Minute’ is a tribute to them, I hope we put on the dog for ‘em,” says Digger.

Check out the live performances of the songs — both from The Cleverlys’ most recent album, Blue — from Puckett’s here: